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The Miracle Investigators logo


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Father Justin (Rommel Sulit) and Father Dominic (Garry Peters), miracle investigators in action.


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Cardinal Thomas (John Hoff) and his faithful protégé, "Choppers" (Andrew Rice), in their Vatican office. "I've got the pope all over my ass, and you two just screwed up."


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Maria Salinas (Yesenia Garcia), the mysterious woman whose legend lies at the heart of Dominic and Justin's toughest case yet.


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Father Justin (Rommel Sulit) squares off with a nonbeliever: "False witness is a serious offense--one of the Big Ten. And now you're going to pay."


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Father Dominic (Garry Peters) zooms in on the action: "You have the right to remain penitent."


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Cardinal Anton (Dirk van Allen) and his driver (also 2nd asst camera Billy MacCartney) arrive to clean up the mess left by this latest investigation. Someone will be doing penance now...


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Father Justin (Rommel Sulit) and Father Dominic (Garry Peters) take a much-deserved break from their investigation.


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The director, Jeremy Dehn


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